The birds are chirping, the days are getting longer – that means spring is nearly here! If you’re anything like us, then you’re ready to enjoy some time outside. It’s been a long winter and feeling the warm breezes on a sunny day is just what the doctor ordered. Make the most of your time outdoors this spring by enhancing your yard and garden. Not only is it great exercise, but you’ll also spruce up your curb appeal while you’re at it. Are you unsure about what to plant? Then here’s a rundown of our favorite annuals, perennials, shrubs, and trees to plant as the weather starts to warm. These plants are easy to source at your local garden center or online.


If you want instant appeal, then annuals are your best bet. Annuals are plants and flowers that last a single growing season. While that means they won’t survive the coming winter, they will look amazing as soon as you plant them. Annuals are a sure bet if you’re refreshing the exterior of your New York home before a sale. They’re also a wonderful way to shrug off the winter blues. Walking out your front door and seeing a dazzling array of colorful flowers can be an effective way to amp up your cheer. These are some of our favorite annuals to grow in our zone (Zone 7)

  • Sun-loving annuals include marigolds, lantana, nasturtium, petunia, sweet pea, geranium, and calendula.
  • Shade-tolerant annuals include impatiens, coleus, and begonia.


Those who want the biggest bang for their buck may want to consider perennials for their New York garden. Perennials are plants that grow back year after year. Many of them can be divided as they grow to produce more plants. It can take a few years for your garden to fill out if you choose to plant mostly perennials. But you’ll save money and effort in the long run. These are some of the best perennials to grow in our climate.

  • Sun-loving perennials include black-eyed Susan, salvia, butterfly weed, shasta daisy, lavender, hollyhock, iris, peony, and coneflower.
  • Shade-tolerant perennials include hosta, ferns, sedges, columbine, jack-in-the-pulpit, and lily of the valley.

Shrubs and trees

Finally, shrubs and trees provide the backbone of your garden. They’re an important element for adding structure and creating borders or living fences. Many shrubs and trees that grow in Zone 7 are evergreens, adding visual interest to your yard year-round. They also come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes to suit your tastes and budget. These are some of the most popular shrubs and trees to plant in our area

  • Shrubs include juniper, holly, azalea, mountain laurel, American highbush cranberry, rhododendron, camellia, and French mulberry.
  • Trees include Japanese maple, flowering dogwood, serviceberry, white pine, maple, and oak

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