The days are getting shorter and there’s suddenly a chill in the air. People are beginning to think about the upcoming holidays and the change in seasons that they bring with them. If you’re a New York homeowner, then that means it’s time to start preparing your home for the colder days ahead. In fact, winterizing your home now will not only help you stay warm and cozy but can also reduce your energy costs. Here are eight affordable ways that you can get your home ready before the first big snowfall of the season.

Clean your gutters

One of the most important tasks you should complete before winter arrives is cleaning your gutters. In the fall, your gutters will accumulate dead leaves and debris, which can stop water from flowing freely. This can cause them to overflow and potentially create water issues around your foundation. Cleaning your gutters will also help to prevent ice dams and icicles from forming when the temperature drops below freezing.

Replace filters

Another critical task this time of year is to replace the filters in your HVAC system. Frequently changing or cleaning the filters can dramatically improve the efficiency of your system. This will save you money on your energy bills and can help extend the life of your furnace.

Check for drafts

Cold drafts can be sneaky. Air can escape through cracks around doors and windows, creating drafts that affect your home’s energy efficiency. If you feel a draft underneath an interior door, then use an inexpensive draft guard at the bottom of the door. Seal around drafty exterior doors and windows with caulk or weatherstrip tape. For windows that feel especially cold in winter, consider adding insulation film. It can stop up to 70 percent of heat from leaking out of your windows.

Install a programmable thermostat

Keeping close tabs on your thermostat can save you money on your monthly energy costs. But who has the time to constantly adjust it? Installing a programmable thermostat can automate the process for you. Program your thermostat to keep the temperature down when you aren’t home. You might also consider purchasing a smart thermostat. While these devices are more expensive, they will learn your habits and adjust accordingly. They also allow you to control the thermostat remotely and can be connected to your home’s technology hub.

Seal electrical outlets

Have you ever felt cold air coming in through your electrical outlets? This can be a common problem, especially in older homes. Considering how many electrical outlets you have in your home, it can add up to significant loss of heat. An affordable and easy way to solve this problem is by installing outlet gaskets underneath the cover plate.

Reverse ceiling fans

While we tend to think of ceiling fans as a way to cool us down during hot weather, they can also be helpful in cold months, too. When the temperature starts to dip, reverse the rotation of your ceiling fans. Most fans have a switch that allows you to change the direction. In the summer, the blades should rotate counterclockwise to blow cooling breezes down. In the winter, change the rotation to clockwise to force warm air down.

Change curtains

Don’t just bust out the cozy blankets in the winter. Change your curtains, too. In the winter, hang heavy drapes or insulated blinds in windows to keep cold air from entering the room. Not only will they keep your rooms warmer, but they can add a nice decorative touch, too.

Prep outdoor faucets

Finally, don’t forget about outdoor faucets when you’re winterizing your home. Now is the time to remove garden hoses, drain them, and store them for the winter. Then shut off the valves to those faucets. This will help to keep your pipes from freezing in the winter, which could cause them to burst.

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