As the largest real estate company in the world in terms of its agent count, Keller Williams offers a vast network of professionals to assist with the buying and selling of homes. As a leader in the industry, Keller Williams is also at the forefront of tapping into technology and finding ways to utilize it to its greatest advantage. One way that Keller Williams has managed to lead in the Fourth Industrial Revolution is through the creation of its Command platform.

What is Command?

Command is an open and highly-customizable platform that allows Keller Williams agents to run their businesses in different ways while still remaining connected to agents around the world consistently. Keller Williams invested two years in developing this innovative technology, with the goal being toe streamline how agents do business while also helping them to more effectively compete in today’s digital world.

Provided to associates at no cost, Command helps to keep rising tech costs in check while also providing agents with several valuable services. Examples include:

  • Identifying and prioritizing contacts to assist with follow-up
  • Organizing market data and real estate information by neighborhood rather than ZIP code
  • Providing information about communities for agents to share with their clients

With just a few simple clicks, agents can subscribe their contacts to neighborhood-specific information, allowing for greater personalization and streamlining the process of buying and selling a home. 

How Does Command Help Real Estate Agents?

Command offers 11 unique business applications that allow agents to manage every aspect of their business from one central location. Some of the things that agents can do at any given time with Command include:

  • Manage listings in one place, from pre-listing to active and from pending to sold
  • Present customized consultations containing real-time information
  • Collaborate with members of their team in real-time
  • Manage their database
  • Track their pipeline throughout the entire process from lead to close
  • Automate and simplify background tasks
  • Follow up with leads generated through their custom site
  • Generate targeted emails and view their campaign performance
  • Optimize their cross-channel advertising strategy
  • Create marketing materials

With the help of these tools, agents can streamline the process of helping their clients buy and sell homes, thereby saving themselves time while also improving performance.

How Does Command Help Home Buyers and Sellers?

With the help of the tools available to them through Command, agents can work more effectively and efficiently. Not only does this simplify the process for them, but it also provides benefits to the home buyer and seller. Command helps agents target the properties that are best-suited to their clients, helping to reduce the amount of time that is wasted by looking at homes that are not likely to meet their needs. By automating certain processes, Command also helps real estate agents free up their time, time which they can put toward better serving their clients and having important conversations to get the best results possible. 

To further assist buyers and sellers, the KW App allows clients to stay connected with their agent while also streamlining the entire buying and selling process. This consumer-facing counterpart to the Command system creates a central point for communication and collaboration between the client and the agent. To learn more about this app or other ways that Keller Williams is leading the way in technology within the real estate industry, contact us at (718) 697-6800 today!