Itching to make some changes to your home’s interiors? Now is a great time to refresh your living spaces after more than a year of mostly staying at home. We’ve scoured the internet to find out what design experts are saying about the hottest trends of 2021 and have chosen our favorites. If you’re ready to change things up a little bit — or a lot — give one or more of these ideas a try!

Removable wallpaper

Renters, rejoice! One of the top interior design trends of 2021 happens to be one that’s extremely friendly to renters — or to anyone who doesn’t like to commit to anything long-term. Peel-and-stick wallpaper gives you the ability to make a dramatic design choice that can come down when you move out or your tastes change. Start small and try it out in a bathroom or closet so you can practice hanging it before moving on to a larger or more complicated area.

Plants, plants, and more plants

Are you one of the millions of Americans who decided to become a pet parent in 2020? Well, you’re in luck because decorating with plants is huge right now. This is an especially good idea for those with limited outdoor space. It’s like having a garden inside! Not only are plants pleasing to look at, but they can also help to clean the air and improve your mood! If you need a little plant inspo, then check out these popular houseplant Instagram accounts.

Rooms that are comfortable and informal

Even after we swap our sweatpants for hard pants that are more suitable for the office, our collective desire to be comfortable at home will continue. It’s time to rethink areas like formal dining rooms that are only used once or twice a year. Take into account how you want to live in your space and don’t be afraid to use a room in a way that wasn’t originally intended. This could include turning your formal dining room into a home office or kid’s schoolroom, or a guest bedroom into a library, home gym, or craft studio. Let your own needs and desires be your guide.

Granny chic

One of the fun trends that has emerged this year is the grand millennial or “granny chic” style. It’s easy to figure out what this design trend is all about. If you saw it in your grandmother’s house, then it’s probably popular right now. This includes velvet, floral patterns, vintage furniture, and anything whimsical. One of the best things about this trend is that it’s sustainable and affordable — especially if you can score hand-me-downs from grandma herself!

Design trends on their way out

Nothing stays hip forever, including home design trends. Some design elements that have begun to fall out of fashion in 2021 include shiplap, barn doors, gray kitchens, mid-century modern furnishings, accent walls, and subway tile. But we’ve got to honestly say — if you love any of those things, then you should keep them! After all, you’re the one living in your home, and it should reflect your tastes above all else.

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