If you live in an apartment with a small patio or balcony, then you may feel like you can’t quite make good use of the space. But even the smallest outdoor living space can be made to feel like an oasis. It just takes a bit of creativity, a touch of imagination, and maybe even a little scheming. In fact, you can turn your outdoor space into something totally Instragrammable and become the envy of your friends. These are our top tips for creating an outdoor space that you’ll look forward to using this spring.

Choose a statement piece

If you’re truly tight on space, then choose one statement piece. This will be the focal point of your outdoor space and will give you something to build around. If you have enough space on your patio or balcony, then choose something plush like a daybed. It will provide the perfect place to lounge on a spring or summer afternoon and can accommodate more than one person. For those who have a smaller space, a cute bistro table with two chairs can make your outdoor living area both cute and functional. It can turn your unused outdoor space into the perfect place for your morning coffee or an after-work cocktail.

Go bold with color

Another way to maximize your outdoor space is to be bold with your color choices. Whether you paint the outdoor furniture a vibrant color or add brightness through accessories like an outdoor rug or throw pillows, strong colors will help make your outdoor space feel alive.

Don’t forget the walls

It can be pretty easy to forget about the walls when designing your outdoor space. But when you’re short on square footage, your walls can help pull your design together. If allowed, paint the walls around your outdoor space in a color that complements your design. Or simply hang a favorite piece of art on the wall that vibes with your style.

Plant vertically

Just because you have a tiny outdoor space doesn’t mean you can’t get in on the gardening trend. Even the smallest outdoor urban spaces can support a garden — especially if you think vertically. You can transform a wall or a railing into a beautiful, verdant, vertical garden. Vines can be planted in pots with a trellis, which can also create privacy. You can even grow vegetables vertically, such as lettuce and herbs.

Create an outdoor bar

What would an outdoor space be without a bar? You can create the perfect happy hour destination with a portable bar cart that can be wheeled outside as needed. There are so many kinds of bar carts available, so you can easily choose one that matches your decor. Keep it stocked with your favorite libations, some vintage cocktail glasses, and small plates and napkins for appetizers.

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