The pandemic has made a permanent mark on our lives. For many New Yorkers, working from home has become the new normal. Remote work has made us rethink our living spaces as our needs have changed, requiring a level of flexibility that is new for many of us. As more and more remote workers begin looking for homes to buy, it’s important to consider what a new home needs to provide. If you work from home and are in the market for a new place, then these are the things you should be looking for.

Suitable home space for working

Obviously, one of the most important things a remote worker should look for in a New York home is a place for a home office. But space can come at a premium so don’t be afraid to think outside the box. It would be amazing to find a home with a spare bedroom that can easily be turned into a workspace. But if that’s not in your budget right now, then it’s time to use your imagination. Is there a large closet that can be converted into a work area? Does the home have unused space under the stairs crying out for a desk? Or perhaps there is a way you can creatively use a corner of the living room to set up shop? Your agent can be a valuable resource in helping you locate properties that can accommodate a home office, no matter how big or small it may be.

Neighborhood spaces for working

We’ve spent so much time at home over the last two years. As the weather warms up and Covid restrictions are eased, many of us will be heading out to enjoy public life again. It feels good to get out of the house after so long. So as a remote worker, you should also check out the neighborhood when you’re in the market for a home. Sometimes it’s nice to change up your routine and work outside your home office. What kinds of places in the neighborhood can function as a second working space? Look for quiet parks, green spaces, coffee shops, and even hotel lobbies when you’re researching neighborhoods.

Dedicated home spaces for relaxing

Don’t just think about your home office, though. Our homes need to fulfill many needs, and one of the most important is a place to spend our leisure time. Whether you love crafting, binging Netflix, or baking up a loaf of homemade sourdough bread, make sure your new place has room for your hobbies.

Good internet

Without the internet, working from home would be impossible for most of us. So when you’re looking for a new home, be sure it has good connectivity. This is especially true if you’re considering moving to a more suburban or even rural environment. You’ll need to have a reliable connection.

Wider search radius

Finally, when you work from home you can work from virtually anywhere! If short commute times aren’t important to you, then consider widening your search area when looking for your new New York home. There are so many lovely communities in the Bronx and Eastchester areas, each with its own unique character. Talk with our agents to help you find the community that best suits your needs. We think you’ll be delighted by what you discover!

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