This is our second home purchase, our first with Dina. Our’s was a complicated transaction since it was a VA transaction with a simultaneous sale of our first house and purchase of our second. The second couldn’t happen without the first. Dina was able to help us navigate through the process, not
because we were not aware of what to expect, but with our demanding work schedules we were not able to handle the details. Dina was able to navigate us through all sides of the transactions with finesse. In addition to that Dina was sensitive to our needs in respect to our family pets and was very diligent about their protection and safety in the event that we were not able to be present in the home. Dina staged our house perfectly and advocated for us and our needs. She did not let us get taken advantage of by buyers agents. Dina was also in the know of VA regulations and requirements, it’s a lot more intricate.

When it came to the purchase of our house Dina REALLY took the time to understand our needs and didn’t waste time showing us what was not going to work for us, or be what we wanted. She knew what we wanted in a house and was honest with us about qualities in a house that would not work for us.

Dina handled two closings for us and made sure that both were smooth transactions. She handled all of our concerns in a professional manner. I wish we had another house to buy to use her again – however we are finally in our dream home. I recommend Dina to anyone and everyone looking to rent or buy. She was amazing through and through!!!

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