cathy lambropoulos

Working with Lisa was a wonderful experience. We truly felt she was on our side throughout the home-buying process. From the beginning, she was clear about how she could help us, what was involved in the process of purchasing a condominium, and how realistic (or unrealistic) our initial expectations were.

During our search for homes, Lisa proved very attentive, timely, and “hands-on.” Our emails were answered diligently, our viewings were scheduled promptly, and when there was a question that could not be answered on the spot, Lisa investigated and got back to us with the answer in a reasonable amount of time; and she was honest with us. On a couple of occasions she was even so bold as to say, “I don’t think this one is for you…” We appreciated that.

Being new in the area, we did not have an attorney, mortgage company/loan officer, home inspector, etc. Not only was Lisa able to provide us with referrals, but each of her referrals proved professional, courteous, and efficient in terms of doing the work as well as in delivering in a timely manner. They were also true to their word when the invoice(s) came around. What was quoted, based on the information we had provided, was charged. These factors helped us immensely, as we were on both a tight schedule and a tight budget.

We would be delighted to work with Lisa again, and have absolutely no problem in recommending her as your Realtor.

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