While summer is often thought of as the “hottest” time in the real estate market, fall isn’t far behind. In fact, autumn can be an excellent time to sell your home if you know what to do. Buyers are certainly still out there looking for homes, but you’ll want to go the extra mile to make your home stand out. Follow these tips to ensure you have a successful fall home sale!

Take photos now

You want your home to look as attractive as possible in the listing photos. That’s why we often recommend taking photos now before the weather turns cold. Late summer is the perfect time to photograph your home when trees, plants, and flowers still look lush. Early fall can also be a good time to take pictures, especially if you have any trees that burst into color in the autumn. But try to avoid taking listing pictures once the trees are bare, the sky is gray, and there is snow on the ground. If you’re thinking about listing soon, then taking pictures now can help attract more buyers down the line.

Check your heating system early

It’s time for every New York homeowner to start thinking about the coming cold weather. But if you’re getting ready to sell, then it‘s even more important. Test out your heating system now before the temperature drops. You don’t want to discover at the last minute that your boiler or furnace needs repair or replacement. Give yourself plenty of time to ensure your heating system is in good working order.

Light it up

One of the toughest things about fall and winter is the lack of sunlight. With sunset happening so much earlier, it can feel like we live most of our lives in the dark. Don’t let the darkness derail your home sale. When you’re photographing or showing your home, make sure to light it up. Open curtains wide and turn on all the lights so potential buyers can clearly see. Add more lighting if necessary, including in your yard.

Don’t forget the yard

Speaking of the yard, if you’re lucky enough to be selling a New York home with outdoor living space, then make it look as inviting as possible. Clean up all dead leaves and debris from your yard. Keep the grass mowed and all outdoor spaces clean. You can add a smattering of seasonal decorations to give your home some charm, but keep them neutral and tasteful.

Highlight your home’s cozy spaces

Finally, here in New York, we spend a good deal of time indoors in fall and winter. So it makes sense to highlight those spaces in your home that are extra cozy. If you have a fireplace, then keep it in good working order and light it for showings. A finished basement or spare bedroom can be outfitted as a place to hang out, play, make crafts, or even exercise. Showing how your home can still meet all of a buyer’s needs even when the weather outside is frightful will help you ace your fall home sale.

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