The global pandemic has changed how Americans buy and sell homes. Though real estate transactions were already becoming more and more virtual, the pandemic has accelerated the process. In fact, you can now buy a home without leaving the comfort of your couch! While it may sound impossible, it actually isn’t. Let’s take a closer look at how the virtual home buying process works so you can feel confident jumping in.

Step 1: Find the right agent

First things first — finding the right agent is a must. Working with a professional real estate agent who understands the virtual home buying process can help ease any anxiety you may feel. Our Keller New York agents have developed proven systems to help deliver to you an empowering experience in our new virtual world. We can meet with you online using whichever platform you feel most comfortable with to discuss your real estate needs and strategize a plan.

Step 2: Browse online listings

Once we’ve devised the best plan for your specific needs, it’s time to start looking at homes. We’ll use all the resources available to us to find homes we think you’ll be interested in and share them with you electronically. You can also browse our online listings to find homes you like and share them with us.

Step 3: Take a virtual tour

After we’ve worked together to create a target list of homes, we can begin to virtually tour the properties. You’ll discover that many listings already provide virtual tours that you can view at your leisure. If there are homes you’d like to see more closely, then we can schedule a virtual walk-through with your agent. This gives you the opportunity to see the home in greater detail, ask questions, and even get dimensions.

Step 4: Make an electronic offer

When you find a home you love, it’s time to make an offer. We’ll put together an electronic offer that can be e-signed and then emailed to the listing agent — no need to come into the office!

Step 5: Pay the earnest money deposit

After your offer is accepted, you’ll pay the earnest money deposit. This is easy to do with a wire transfer. It can also be mailed or dropped off to a specified location.

Step 6: Schedule an inspection

The closing process usually includes a home inspection which can be scheduled after your offer is accepted. The inspector will evaluate the home and provide a detailed report with photos that can be viewed digitally. If any issues are discovered, we can negotiate with the seller to have repairs made.

Step 7: Complete the closing

While it may be hard to believe, you can actually close on a home virtually, too. Remote closings have become commonplace because of the pandemic. Documents can be signed electronically and sent back to the appropriate parties or they can be signed, notarized, and mailed. 

Step 8: Collect your keys

Once the deed is recorded and the closing process is complete, it’s time to collect your keys! Arrangements can easily be made for a contact-free delivery or pick-up of the keys to your new home.

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