Meet Thomas Dillon, a dynamic and accomplished Real Estate Professional with a unique blend of expertise and achievements at the age of 22. Thomas works full-time at Grant Thornton in Risk Advisory, showcasing his commitment to excellence in both the corporate world and the real estate industry.

Thomas graduated a year early from Binghamton University’s School of Management where he not only excelled academically but also demonstrated an early passion for real estate. His dedication to continuous learning led him to pursue and complete his MBA at Binghamton, further enhancing his knowledge and skills in the field.

Specializing in all aspects of real estate, Thomas brings a comprehensive understanding of the market to his clients. His diverse background includes hands-on experience in house flipping, providing him with valuable insights into property investment and renovation.

Prior to his role at Grant Thornton, Thomas served as a Marketing Specialist for HowDo Rentals in Binghamton New York. His creative approach to marketing and strategic insights contributed to the success of various real estate initiatives, showcasing his ability to navigate the industry from multiple perspectives.

Notably, Thomas was a Co-Founder and Graduate School Advisor for Binghamton University’s Real Estate Society. His commitment to the development of future Real Estate Professionals is evident through his active involvement in the organization. Thomas frequently gives back to the Real Estate Society, sharing his knowledge and experiences to inspire and guide aspiring individuals in the field.

Despite his young age, Thomas Dillon is highly determined and passionate about real estate. His early accomplishments and involvement in diverse aspects of the industry reflect his commitment to excellence. Whether it’s navigating complex challenges at Grant Thornton, renovating and investing in properties, or mentoring future Real Estate Professionals, Thomas approaches each endeavor with energy, dedication, and a genuine love for the world of real estate. Clients can trust Thomas to bring a unique blend of skills, knowledge, and passion to their real estate journey.