Meet Sam Sangiorgi, your dedicated real estate agent with a passion for homes and a heart for community. Born Eastchester, Sam spent the formative years of his life immersed in the local culture and community, laying the foundation for a strong connection to Westchester County.

In 1993, Sam made Tuckahoe his home, where he resides to this day. However, a portion of his childhood was spent in Italy, just north of Rome. It was there that Sam began his education, becoming not only fluent in the Italian language but also gaining a unique perspective that would shape his approach to life and work.

Earning a degree in communications from a local Westchester college, Sam embarked on a career in media, working for a prominent company in Yonkers. However, the call of hands-on work beckoned, leading him to spend the last 19 years specializing in electrical work for a power company in the heart of New York City.

Sam’s diverse background and interest in real estate ignited through seminars and schooling, Sam made the decision to obtain his own license and step into the real estate industry. His enthusiasm for connecting with people is evident in his love for working with new clients every day.

Sam’s involvement with his family in the home building industry has provided him with valuable insights into home development and construction, making him a well-rounded professional in the real estate field.

Beyond his interest in Real Estate, Sam is dedicated to making a positive impact. As a proud member of the Footprint family charity organization, he has been actively involved since Hurricane Sandy, providing aid to those affected by natural disasters. Whether it’s distributing clothing, food, or everyday goods, Sam’s commitment to helping others shines through.

In choosing Sam Sangiorgi as your real estate agent, you’re not just gaining a knowledgeable professional with a wealth of experience – you’re partnering with someone deeply rooted in the community, dedicated to building connections and making a meaningful difference in the lives of others.