Rudis, is an Associate Broker at Keller Williams Realty, based in Bronx, New York. Rudis has focused for over 14 years in different businesses, succeeding in the art of dealing with people.

Mr. Rodriguez has a record of successfully guiding clients with their Real Estate acquisitions. His specific areas of expertise include helping Sellers to get the highest market value for their homes and guiding Landlords to get qualified tenants for their apartments.

Rudis specializes in applying his expertise and market knowledge to single and multifamily properties that consistently exceed the investment goals of his clients. In addition to being a marketing guru, he also was a diplomatic representative for the government of Honduras, in New York 2010. While working as a Diplomat, Rudis learned the art of handling difficult situations and the ability of negotiating trade services.

Rudis is married to his beautiful soulmate Yaira Silverio Rodriguez who is also a Real Estate Salesperson. They have four beautiful daughters Evita, Marcela, Margaret and Laurett Rodriguez. Rudis hobbies include reading books about success and self-development, Powerlifting and He also loves watching movies with his family.