Your Home Town Realtor: As an experienced investor and marketer, I can bring my clients the very best in professional real estate marketing. I believe in the Real Estate Market and continue to invest both personally and professionally. Getting your home on the market quiclkly to buyers all over the nation while assisting you in finding your next home is my number one priority. I know how stressful buying and selling home can be and promise to reduce your anxiety by keeping you well informed throughout the process. I provide each of my clients confidentiality and provide the necessary determination to make the process as painless and short as possible. In my professional Journey, i have over 15 years of sales and customer service in the field of technology. during that time i have also been buying and selling real estate as an investor. i like to play tennis as a way to unwind. Your referrals are the life blood of my business. You could never find a more dedicated, energetic, or focused agent to represent you. Please give me a call for a NO OBLIGATION assessment of your needs. Mario Gamilo 917-848-2436