Born and raised in New York, Hasea Spikes received her Master’s degree in Accounting from The City of New York, Hunter College. Ms. Spikes is an Accountant with over 15 years of experience dealing with clients and building relationships. Buying her first home in New York ignited Ms. Spike’s interest in real estate. Ms. Spikes is devoted to creating opportunities to own properties; build wealth and being a part of a business that helps people achieve their goals.

Ms. Spikes is enthusiastic about meeting new people and helping her clients find the right home or selling their home. Real Estate is a relationship-based business and Ms. Spikes creates relationships as well as built trust and confidence for each client. She is known for her integrity, loyalty and professionalism. Ms. Spike’s goal is to ensure her clients is happy and satisfied. Please contact Ms. Spikes today to discuss your real estate needs. “Building Lasting Relationships by Providing Top-Notch Services”