Donna Martell affectionately known by her colleagues, friends and family as Yaya, is a dynamic and highly motivated bilingual real estate agent with a passion for empowering clients to achieve their goals. With a background in investments, property management, rentals, seller/buyer representative. Yaya applies a wealth of practical experience and an entrepreneurial spirit to navigate the real estate market. Her commitment to excellence in real estate is driven by a genuine desire to see clients happy and financially successful. Having developed a thorough understanding of the real estate landscape in Westchester County and its surrounding neighborhoods, Yaya brings a nuanced appreciation for the factors that drive local property trends and values. This local expertise is invaluable for clients who rely on Yaya to provide insightful advice tailored to their unique situations, whether they are first-time buyers, renters, seasoned investors, or individuals looking to sell their homes.

What sets Yaya apart is her client-first mentality, combined with a keen ability to listen and connect with people of all walks of life. Recognizing the diverse needs of each client, she offer personalized strategies and solutions designed to deliver results that truly align with her clients’ aspirations. Yaya’s approach is rooted in building long-term relationships based on trust, transparency, and tireless advocacy on behalf of her clients’ interests. As a real estate professional, Yaya consistently stays abreast of industry trends and continuously enhances their understanding of the market through ongoing education and professional development. By integrating the latest technological tools and marketing methodologies, Yaya ensures properties receive maximum exposure, attracting qualified buyers and securing favorable deals. Moreover, Yaya excels at negotiation, a vital skill that has consistently facilitated smooth transactions and optimal outcomes. Her tactful negotiating tactics are complemented by clear communication, enabling a transparent and streamlined process for all parties involved.

When not out in the field, Yaya is deeply involved in the local community, offering zen living modalities such backyard Reiki, Happy Feet Salsa, participating in various endeavors that support. neighborhood enrichment. This community engagement not only reflects Yaya’ s dedication to service but also reinforces her belief everyone and everything matters. For Yaya, real estate is not just about closing deals—it’s about opening doors to new possibilities and building a foundation for clients’ futures. Trust Yaya to be not only your guide through the real estate market but a valuable asset who stands by your side every step of the way.