The holiday season is officially here! Are you ready to bring some of that holiday cheer into your home? Decorating for the holidays can be one of the most pleasurable aspects of this time of year, especially if you’re doing it to prepare for a party. That’s why we’ve compiled our five best tips for getting your New York home holiday-ready.

Declutter and clean

It’s tempting to just unpack your holiday decorations and begin decking the halls. But we suggest decluttering and cleaning before you begin. Trust us — you’ll thank yourself in the New Year when it’s time to put everything away. Start by decluttering and putting items back where they belong. While you’re at it, make a box for things you no longer use or need — they can then be donated. After you’ve decluttered, give everything a good cleaning. This includes dusting shelves, sweeping and vacuuming floors, and sanitizing your kitchen and bathrooms. 

Rearrange your furniture

Are you planning to host loved ones in your New York home for the holidays? Then consider rearranging your furniture. Not everyone has the luxury of having tons of extra space for guests, so it can be helpful to move furniture around to accommodate having people over. Think about how you’ll be using your rooms during an event. Will people gather in the living room? Then push furniture against the walls so your guests can move around freely. Are you hosting a dinner party? Then figure out how you’ll seat everyone around the table. You can create a makeshift “dining room” by simply moving your table into the living room and arranging all your seating around it. The bottom line is — don’t let lack of space keep you from having a party!

Add a little cheer to every room

Most people tend to decorate their front entryway, put up a tree in the living room, and call it a day. But you can make your home even more holiday-friendly by adding a little cheer to every room. By adding a holiday decoration or two to every space, you can really capture the magic and warmth of the season. For example, put a small tree in your bedroom with soft twinkle lights you can enjoy while falling asleep. Or add scented candles and holiday-themed hand towels to the bathroom. A little bit can go a long way toward making your home feel festive.

Don’t forget the outside

Of course, decorating the outside of your home is half the fun! You can do a little or a lot depending on your space. For those with large front yards and porches, go all out with holiday lights, garland around the door, and wreaths hanging on all the windows. But you can also decorate the outside on a smaller scale. Place a simple wreath on your front door and hang lights inside your windows so they can be seen from the outside. It’s a nice way to share your holiday spirit with your neighbors.

Enjoy a cozy fire

Finally, is there anything cozier than a roaring fire on a snowy winter’s night? Even if you don’t have a fireplace, you can create the same ambiance in your home. Search Netflix for “Fireplace for Your Home” to turn your TV or computer screen into an inviting fireplace. You can also search YouTube for “cozy fireplace” videos that will play for hours — and many of them include soothing holiday music.

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